A digital format designed to nullify the technological fissure generated by the distortions and deformations derived from the IOS (Intra Oral Scanner) and by the experience or expertise of the user during scanning.

Our digital format guarantees a great saving of time in the manufacture of prostheses derived from the IOS (Intra Oral Scanner). The dentist will no longer be forced to carry out countless sessions with the patient to check and correct the errors generated by the intraoral scanner.

Our digital format is the union of three basic elements.

Protocol Device(RingFix) Software(IOSFIX)

Training becomes an essential point, both the dentist and the dental technician can be certified in a single day to get to know our digital format in depth.

We have no limits, all intraoral scanners and scanabutments certified by IOSFIX will not be a problem to work with the IOSFIX correction algorithm. Know the limit of your IOS, IOSFIX helps you.