Innovative Startup

IOSFIX.DENTAL SRL was born as a Start-up in the medical-dental environment, with the idea of improving the production quality of custom-made medical devices (prostheses) generated by digital flows.

The digital flows derive from intraoral scanning systems, these systems have accuracy limitations, especially on extensive processes and with implants. The idea of improving quality is affirmed above all following the analysis of the deformations and in the search for the resolution of these deformations given by the intraoral scans.

Research and development have directed and guided the project in the search for solutions in order to obtain the most accurate solution possible in the most complex processes to be performed, customized implant and orthodontic medical devices.

IOSFIX provides a service for correcting digital files of 3D models obtained from intraoral scanners, which can improve the accuracy of the scan. The innovation of this service allows the creation of highly precise implant and orthodontic prostheses even in cases of complete dental arches on a large number of implants.