We have simplified the format into three products depending on the number of implants and the distance between them. Full arch with 4/6/8 implants, partial arch with 2/4 implants and for bridge with 2/3 implants.


For the dentist

The work protocol provides for the positioning and fixation of the scanabutments on the implants.

For the dentist

The clinician performs a first scan with the scanabutments to send it to IOSFIX.

Technical Design (CAD)

With the first scanned file, the custom RingFix is designed.

Production and measurement

The RingFix, after its production at SLM, is measured between cones with the contact system (Touch Probe) with a precision of ±3µm, obtaining the RingFix calibration.

For the dentist

The RingFix is placed in the mouth, subsequently screwing the scanabutments. Subsequently, it is fixed with photopolymerizable resin (IOSFIX BlueResin) to the scanabutments.

For the dentist

The clinician performs an intraoral scan of the RingFix and scanabutments at the same time. Once the scanning process is complete, the files are sent to IOSFIX for processing and correction of the STL file.