The algorithm developed by our engineers allows the IOSFIX software to correct the distortions generated in the intraoral scanning phase.

The algorithm is based on the three-dimensional coordinates of the points positioned on the RingFix, measured with highly accurate instruments. Following the concept of calibrating a measurement system, the algorithm uses these three-dimensional measurements to correct the surfaces of the intraoral scans and the positions of the scan bodies.

The use of a measuring device such as the RingFix guarantees high accuracy and repeatability of the results obtained.

IOSFIX, software with a simple and intuitive interface, allows you to identify the position of the points with great precision, regardless of the distortion of shape and size. Likewise, it allows to identify the position of the scan bodies on the scan corrected by the algorithm, and to export the final position with their nominal size.

The IOSFIX software manages all the main scan body models and allows the professional to continue working with the usual tools.